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Grand Prix De La Ville De Perenchies by Vandy

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Greetings from Beloeil!   Since our last UCI race, the “Grand Prix de la ville de Perenchies”, things have been hectic! While the major focus for the team headed South into France for the Tour de Alsace, us “flat-landers” have…

Gran Prix Cerami UCI 1.1 by Sean Lake

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The GP Cerami is a UCI 1.1 and one of the biggest one day races of our race calendar, It’s also our home race as it goes through our European base the small town of Beloeil so we’d managed to…

Photo Dirk Van Hove

Dentergem Pro Kermesse by Matt Zenovich

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Today only AJ and myself decided to race as everyone had raced the day before in Ninove Pro Kermesse. The others boys took to having an easy day to rest up for the upcoming GP Cerami UCI 1.1 race on…


Pollare Ninove Pro Kermesse

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By Matt Zenovich The kermis course was not as technical as the day before but as we checked out the final we discovered it gets better…. The boys were getting real excited as they discovered the final km was up hill but…